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Brand mark development for a start-up whose name says what they do, and now their brand mark says how well they do it.


Sim Rigs


Brand Marks



Like the real thing, the e-Sports version of motor racing is a high octane experience expressed simply with movement and colour.

Many visual signals contribute to the strength of this brand mark:

  • The symbol is a simple, and therefore memorable; an abstract rendering of a checkered flag forming an ‘S’
  • The individual pieces of the symbol are mirrored and fit together to convey the rigid and modular nature of the rig
  • The negative north east facing line in the symbol is angled to represent an advanced odometer needle across the horizon, and therefore speed
  • The font is sloped to convey motion, and futuristic to convey gaming
  • The bold Ferarri red instantly conveys ‘sports car’ and ‘look at me’ — a mark of quality, confidence and excitement

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