Powerhouse Export Report

Highlighting green export opportunities in a data-rich publication


Beyond Zero Emissions


Digital Publication



As a think tank, it's important that Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) produce reports and publications of the highest standards – equally true of both the quality of the content and the way this content is communicated and packaged.

We produced this report utilising the corporate template that we created for Beyond Zero Emissions. This is just one of the many reports we have produced for BZE, ensuring each are optimised for electronic distribution with an option to print. Report covers need two key components: a strong image and an engaging title.

This particular report contained a lot of statistical data. This gave us an opportunity to develop charts that were simple, clear and engaging, whilst also strengthening brand recognition by utilising the BZE colour palette.

Quickly communicating new data in the form of infographics has become an important tool for Beyond Zero Emissions message delivery. These are an effective way of drawing attention to the finer details, which Beyond Zero Emission excel in communicating.

Wide Open Co. provide great design work - professional and stylish - at a reasonable price, with fantastic and timely communication.
Monica Tan
Beyond Zero Emissions

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