The Facts: Waste & Recycling

A graphic brochure highlighting common causes of waste and recycling contamination in the workplace


Great Forest Australia


Concept Development
Graphic Design



Great Forest Australia told us that there are common recycling misconceptions and that particular items are common contaminants of waste streams in the workplace.  We were commissioned to present the facts in a manner that would be engaging, easily understood, and versatile enough to be usable in various workplaces despite differing waste management programs in operation.

We chose to allocate a single brochure page to each fact, so that these could also be produced as standalone posters. As a brochure, we chose an accordion format so that it could be extended if new facts came to light. 

Facts can come across as boring, so we decided to use a ‘pop art’ graphic novel style to convey each contaminant visually, with minimal text, carefully worded facts and ‘how do we help?’ instructions.

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