We are designers & communicators

With a singular purpose

To open the door on true potential through a process of exploration, ideation and validation to create authentic brands that welcome connection.

Our commitment

We don’t cut corners

We treat large and small projects the same - involving you and your brand vision in our creative process so that we understand, create and deliver beyond your expectations.


We’re committed to our clients, our craft and the results we achieve. We build long term partnerships so we deliver high quality, meaningful design.


We listen and ask the questions that need to be asked, always seeking and open to learning more. We really get to know our clients so we can embrace their unique characteristics and help them shine.


We don’t execute until we’re confident we understand the task at hand and have a plan to achieve it.


We're not happy to just accept the status quo. Some things are the way they are for a reason, but not always.

Open Access

We seek to share our knowledge and expertise. We believe openness, and understanding the creative process, is of collective value and brings with it empowerment.


We build brands that last. We’re never thinking just about today, but what tomorrow could bring and how the past has shaped our brands and experience.

Meet the team

Good individually, great together.

Meghan McBain

Designer & Director

A firm believer in the power of brands to share a story, Meghan is our chief brand strategist and brings a wealth of knowledge to each of our projects. She loves the details — mixing aesthetics and functionality to create beautiful, practical solutions.

25 years
Ass.Dip. (Computer Aided Art & Design), M.Comm. (Design)
Printing, Legal, Design
Meghan McBain Designer and Director

Kirsty Reid

Designer & Director

Kirsty understands how to use intelligent communication design to deliver creative, insightful and powerful outcomes for clients. She nurtures a belief in the power of art to challenge notions and reshape views  — turning ideas into reality, and a brief into a winning project.

16 years
BA (English Literature), Dip. (Graphic Arts)
Retail, Government, Community & Environment, Not-for-Profit
Kirsty Reid Designer and Director

Joanna Wood

Communications & Digital Strategy

Joanna loves words. According to her, they “create a connection, share an experience and bring us together.”

She also believes that words (and how we use them) help create a meaningful dialogue with clients regardless of the platform, so that businesses create, share and grow with their clients.

15 years
B.A., Grad.Dip. (Public Relations)
Not-for-profits, Legal, Health
Joanna Wood Digital Strategy

Hugh Laverty

Web Developer

Hugh specialises in helping small businesses harness the power of technology to achieve rapid growth. He is a profound believer in the web as the next frontier of commerce, and enjoys crafting beautiful websites that help Aussie businesses stand out from the pack.

10 years
BA (Media), M. Entrepreneurship
Retail, Start-Ups, Small Business, Media
Hugh Laverty

Rodney Dekker


A lifetime of chronicling stories as a photographer and video producer have taught Rodney to harness the power of images to tell a story. His expert eye takes projects to the next level, creating imagery that cannot be ignored and that get straight to the heart of the subject.

13 years
B.Sci (Environmental Science) & M.Sci (International Development and Environment)
Governments, Education, Environmental, Small Business, Legal, Media, Startups, Aid Organisations
Rodney Dekker Photographer

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