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Beechworth Short Stays needed a new website and property management system (PMS) that offered better customer service and was wholly based in Australia.

Our client had undertaken a website audit with their brand agency. They shared the findings with us, and we commenced a full scale exploration of desirable website features and PMS platform pros & cons. The exploration consisted of lots of research, competitor comparisons and platform demonstrations. Ultimately, we were able to present a detailed report on a new direction for Beechworth Short Stays. It offered an elegant, workable and cost effective solution, given the complexity of the system required. The team at Beechworth Short Stays were delighted.

Wide Open Co were tireless in their pursuit of what it was that we needed - which was far more complex than we had realised. I can't thank Wide Open Co enough for all they have done for us. We wouldn't be where we are now without their support, guidance, research and their energy! We couldn't recommend them more highly.
Jen Boote & Jess Ross
Beechworth Short Stays

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