City of Sydney Recycling & Waste Signage

City of Sydney have introduced new waste streams to their buildings across the city. We've designed recycling and waste stream guides and waste station display signs to educate staff and tenants.


City of Sydney





City of Sydney have introduced new waste streams to their council-owned buildings across the city. The idea is to separate the types of waste to ensure it is more easily recycled, cutting down dramatically on the amount of waste ending up in landfill every year. Our designs are eye catching with a sense of fun. The posters also convey their message with clear photographic images to ensure they are understood by everyone, particularly those with a first language other than English.

I've had the pleasure of working with Wide Open Co. in a recent behavioural change project and would highly recommend their work (and creativity) to others with a similar need. Their ideas and designs not only met the project requirements but exceeded our expectations with regards to timeframes and budget. The designers have a great passion for what they do and this was evident in the final product. Thank you Kirsty and Meghan for your amazing work.
Elisa Idris
City of Sydney

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