Sink, swim or refresh?

In business, there are those that sink or swim. How about a refresh instead?

Brand Identity
February 15, 2019

Your brand consists of everything others think and imagine about your business. It’s a somewhat daunting thought. Put another way: brand is reputation, and reputations are easily influenced… in positive and negative ways. The challenge lies in understanding your target audience and competitors well enough to sink the latter and ensure the former swim your way.

It’s not uncommon for the everyday to get in the way of developing a strong, positive brand image and market position. They can seem like secondary pursuits, when compared to the ever present demands of running your business. Take a step back. If your customers are not the customers you really want… if your competitors have the upper hand… a brand refresh is in order.

Not sure? Take a critical look at your brand touchpoints (ie. online, printed, on-site, tone of voice and word of mouth). Do they communicate your current vision to your ideal customer? Or are mixed messages muddying the waters?

Times of change, growth or stagnation are all appropriate times to invest in your brand. A brand refresh - done well - will raise your profile, connect with the right category and customer type, reframe your value proposition, reset expectations, enable you to evolve with the market and safely navigate choppy waters.

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