Inspired colour schemes

If creating a stylish colour scheme isn’t your strong suit then here’s a top tip for mixing your palette like a pro – take your inspiration from nature.

December 10, 2019
The natural world offers up an almost endless source of colour, light, tone and shade. This is good news as it means we have this enormous colour resource at our fingertips. 

In the following examples we have used some of our own happy snaps to devise these eye-catching 4-tone colour schemes.

For those of you who want to try this at home, pick a well composed photo of a natural setting – make it one of your favourites. Then, squint your eyes at the photo and pick the 3 or 4 colours or tones that are most prominent. Record the colours on your computer, via an app on your mobile (for geeks, will enable you to upload your image and pick the colours to produce your favourite palette in HEX values) or with paints and paper (if you prefer old school methods, like me). And, ‘voila!’ – you’ve now created your very own colour scheme. Go you!

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