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Recreating recycling engagement

‘Daily Acts of Recycling’ workplace tenancy campaign


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The recycling challenge

Despite the widespread perceived benefit of recycling, there is little direct understanding of its relationship with climate change. The challenge is to align the perceived virtue of recycling with on-site, consistent action. The opportunity also exists through this process, to educate end users about thoughtful consumption and good recycling habits.

Contents of general waste bin with significant contamination, as identified by waste audit.
Image supplied by Great Forest Australia

Target audience

Our ‘Daily Acts of Recycling’ campaign aims to effect behaviour change in corporate (white collar) workers in large Australian cities. This demographic typically earns a higher salary through skilled, professional work.

Millennials are the largest cohort in the workforce and are more sustainability-conscious than previous generations and are comfortable demonstrating their concerns for the planet publicly.

While workers may feel exhausted by the public messaging of the pandemic, ‘Daily Acts of Recycling’ uses gentle, encouraging and non-confrontational language to reintroduce the recycling message, and tap into the millennial generation’s latent sustainability consciousness.

Yoga and mindfulness

Nearly 60% of yoga participants have a diploma or degree. Infographic.

Yoga and mindfulness participation rates have grown exponentially in the past 10 years, particularly amongst white collar workers. According to a 2015-2016 survey, nearly 60% of yoga participants have a diploma or degree qualification. 

Yoga is now a mainstream health and wellbeing activity, with its imagery and language widely recognised and understood.

It's time to practice daily. Recycling campaign visual developed by Wide Open Co.

The ‘Daily Acts of Recycling’ experience

‘Daily Acts of Recycling’ uses the language and imagery of yoga practice to create a peaceful, fun and broadly appealing message – perfect for a pandemic-fatigued workforce.

The goal of the campaign is the reduction of contamination in waste streams. We also aim to bust recycling myths, establish recycling awareness as part of the bigger picture, address habit regression due to COVID-19 lockdowns, and inspire a sense of urgency without using tired or scary statistics.

The design combines appealing typography, vector illustration and a bright colour palette with meditative qualities; aiming to calm and make the audience smile at the relatable content, storing and recalling the key information for future use; and even encouraging recycling to become a mindful, meditative act.

‘Daily Acts of Recycling’ is a multi-platform campaign that accompanies our audience throughout their day and daily work routines. The campaign visuals greet workers from the moment they enter their building, enabling the use of tantalising campaign teasers and detailed messaging to engage and educate.

Daily Acts recycling campaign elements developed by Wide Open Co.
Office building foyer mock-ups for recycling campaign developed by Wide Open Co.

Clockwise from top left: Floor decal at entrance door; foyer logo light projection & floor decal; wall poster & floor decals outside lifts; floor decal in building foyer

Office building tenancy mock-ups for recycling campaign developed by Wide Open Co.

Clockwise from top left: Kitchen posters; corridor posters; stair decals; photocopier station posters; office wall posters

Recycling campaign posters developed by Wide Open Co.


Thirteen campaign posters (6 examples above) offer general messaging and target specific behaviours. These should be displayed in the workplace on prominent walls, and near general waste and recycling stream bins.

Office building foyer decals for recycling campaign developed by Wide Open Co.


Floor decals for foyers and lobbies prime the audience before they enter the office.

Coffee cup mock-ups for recycling campaign developed by Wide Open Co.Reusable carry bag mock-ups for recycling campaign developed by Wide Open Co.


Coffee mugs, Keep Cups and Calico Bags encourage office workers to recondition themselves to avoid disposable options.

Office digital media and lift signage visuals for recycling campaign developed by Wide Open Co.Email and electronic newsletter banner visuals for recycling campaign developed by Wide Open Co.

Digital Interface

Social media tiles were created to increase awareness and potentially initiate online conversations; Lift screens provided another opportunity to display key messaging while corporate executives and employees are moving between floors; Digital banners are an easy way to disseminate the campaign message within emails (set into an email signature) and electronic newsletters for individual tenancies that want to further promote campaign goals.

WOW – this artwork is beautiful and the messaging is fantastic.
national manager – sustainability solutions

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