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Guidelines for working with the Balanced brand.

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Brand Essence

A balanced perspective, a positive financial outlook.

Balance is key to all we do. Our two sub-brands, “Financial Wealth” and “Advisory”, ensure we offer all the services expected and required by financial experts. We are without exception the go to for:

  • Financial Advice
  • Financial Planning
  • Personal Wealth Creation & Protection
  • Financial Intimacy
  • Plain English Speaking
  • Mutual Courtesy & Respect
  • Making a difference

We enable our clients to confidently make financial decisions, plan for achieving financial goals, and develop a long-term strategy for financial security. Our clients find us easy to  confide in, which leads to personalised solutions; and understand, which enables them to act on advice. We treat our clients like a VIP, and work as a team, to deliver a positive change of circumstances. All of this is made possible because the Balanced brand is underpinned by the following values:

  • Loyalty
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Compassion
  • Fairness
  • Positivity
  • Making a difference

The following pages explain the visual identity system and the rules around using the brand mark correctly to build on the existing brand strength, and create an inspiring and unified brand. Consistency of application is key to success. Not only with regard to the brand mark, but adherence to our values across all that we do.

Please follow the guidelines carefully. Any organisation or individual seeking to use the Balanced brand mark for any purpose must first obtain written permission from Balanced.

Brand Marks

Balanced offers its clients an ideal balance between mathematics, all those complex aspects of financial management and planning that give most people headaches, and humanity, the myriad, often subtle occasions during which collaborative interfacing take place that makes for a positive experience for all stakeholders.

Our brand marks were carefully crafted to convey our distinctive value by communicating through the following visual signals:

  • A highly recognisable icon: The ‘Vitruivian Man’ is a study of the ideal proportions of the human form and said to illustrate the Golden Ratio, which is closely tied to the Fibonacci sequence
  • Though simplified dramatically, the limbs straight and spread, make this mark instantly recognisable as the ‘Vitruvian Man’
  • The head closely resembles the shape of the Fibonacci sequence, further conveying the balance between maths & human
  • The negative space incorporates the circle and square elements of Da Vinca’s drawing forming pathways; and the omission of any container implies an openness and continuous improvement
  • The stance of the figure(s) is inviting and embracing, conveying compassion, fairness and positivity
  • The font has been customised to take on some of the ancient characteristics typical of 15th Century academia and craftsmanship
Download all brand mark assets (ZIP)

Vitruvian Man

The Vitruvian Man or a piece of him can be used for decorative purposes, with the brand mark within close proximity or where the primary or secondary brand marks are not appropriate, such as for a favicon.


To maximise the brand’s presence and visual standout, there is a defined minimum clear space area. This clear zone around the brand mark defines the area into which no other graphic elements, such as text, imagery or other brand marks can intrude.

The centre and outer stroke of the ‘D’ is used as a measure for clear space around the brand mark, on all sides.

Size Guidelines

The brand mark is designed to withstand scaling to as small as 35mm width (7.5mm high).

This is the absolute minimum that the mark should be reproduced at. For ease of recognition, ideally, we will avoid using it smaller than 47.5mm wide.

Unacceptable Usage

To maintain consistency, it is essential that the brand mark is never altered in any way and is always reproduced from the master artwork. Here are a few examples of what not to do.

Notice the brand mark has been cropped at the base of the lettering?

Notice low contrast? The green & white brand mark would be a suitable alternative

Notice brand mark has been distorted? Ensure fixed horizontal and vertical scaling  

Notice low colour contrast? Moving brand mark to sit over the sky would be a suitable approach

When outsourcing any graphic communications, this style guide should be shared and a proof should be sighted to ensure guidelines are met and correct brandmark used.

Colour Palette

The core brand colours should be applied to all communications to develop a strong brand recognition. Care should be taken to ensure the appropriate PMS colour or breakdown is used.

Black and tints of the colours should be used sparingly.

Balanced Blue

PMS 7545 C or 7694 U
CMYK 77, 58, 32, 17
RGB 76, 92, 120
HEX 4c5c78

Aztec GOld

PMS 728 C or 7509 U
CMYK 12, 40, 58, 2
RGB 212, 165, 122
HEX d4a57a

Colour Ratios

The volume in individual pieces can vary, but as a general rule of thumb, use 25% Aztec gold on either Balanced Blue or white. Avoid using black and tints, and choose white as a background colour frequently.


For approvals and further assistance.

Brand Guidelines

Hennie Swart

(03) 53 66 1007