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The Challenge

When Greenfields asked us to redevelop their website, it was easy to convince them of the wisdom of a move from their old Wordpress site to a brand new site built using Webflow. The benefits of Webflow are numerous and well documented, with online articles highlighting the benefits of Webflow over platforms such as Wordpress.

Greenfields were not seeking to expand their client base but instead were keen to update their visual identity to reflect their professionalism and create a stylish home for their blog posts.

Our website was looking and feeling very out of date but we kept postponing an update … Wide Open Co guided us through the process step by step, from planning, design, testing and launch. It was a painless and efficient project that was managed smoothly.

Our Approach

We began by evaluating their current brand and finding out what Greenfields liked (and didn’t), and asked the team at Greenfields to complete our branding questionnaire that ensured we understood their business and its market positioning. We agreed that Greenfields’ identity was not going to rely on vibrant colour or photographic support; it would need to stand confidently alone.

Brand Mark

We developed a meaningful word mark and monogram to represent the ‘layers of security’ that are offered to the financial sector served by this specialist and dedicated team of lawyers. The mark effectively straddles conventional and contemporary, and has had nothing but positive feedback. (check this!)

Site Architecture

A complete overhaul of the site structure, areas of expertise, tags, naming conventions and navigation completely changed the look and browsing experience. In addition, control over tags, categories and colours were introduced to ensure the CMS experience for the Greenfields team was geared towards blogging, simplicity and autonomy, where appropriate.


Creating a fitting home for Greenfields time critical blog posts, and elevating their appeal, was paramount and achieved with a clear and contemporary layout. As was simplifying the posting process, integration with Mailchimp and distribution of eDMs. Greenfields didn’t need help uploading their first article… and we look forward to seeing new articles in the near future.


Greenfields are a modest bunch and were reluctant to include photos. We hope you agree that it’s more personal to have a visual of the person you’re dealing with, and to that end, we made it easy to ‘e-meet’ and learn about the small group of individuals that make up this boutique firm, with prominent profiles and access to their direct contact details.

Successful Outcome

Wide Open Co helped us better understand and articulate who we are, what we do and why we are unique. They then helped us build a website that projected the firm's image in an appealing way whilst conveying our message succinctly and effectively. They took away the pain of managing the project and provided great support each step of the way. We are extremely happy with the finished product and would not hesitate to recommend Wide Open Co.
Daniel Levy, Principal

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